Save Money

Save money with Wellbeing discountsreimbursements

Our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible that stand between you and your healthiest, happiest self - and finances can be a major hindrance! For this reason, the Wellbeing Center negotiates discounts for employees in a number of our global offices, and provides reimbursement programs to help make wellness activities more accessible to you and your family members.

Click through the list below to learn more about our benefits, and how you can save money on your personal wellness journey!

Global Discounts

As a WBC member you have access to discounts all across the globe. Save money on gym memberships, nutrition supplements, wellness trackers, massage services and more! Whatever your wellness journey, these discounts can help you get there.

Gym Membership Benefit

SEL employees who do not have access to an on-site fitness facility are eligible to receive a taxable, quarterly reimbursement for funds paid toward fitness facilities or subscriptions. To receive this benefit, you must complete the online application and submit by the due date for each quarter.

Activity Reimbursement Program

Is there a wellness event, league or physical activity you aspire to take part in? Wellbeing wants to help you fulfill that dream, and experience more adventure! 

SEL Employees are eligible to be reimbursed for 50% of wellness events or league related fees, up to a certain $ amount per year for participating in various physical activities outside of work.