Challenge F.A.Q.


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How do I track my activity?

            Follow the below navigation to track your activities.

  1. Click here to route to the Tracker Dashboard, or visit to follow the image instructions below on

  2. From the ‘Track’ tab on the home page, select ‘Tracker Dashboard’:

  3. Once in the Tracker Dashboard:       

    1. Select the “Fitness Icon”.         
    2. Enter the corresponding “Date” of the activity.
    3. Select “Which Activity” you are submitting.
    4. Enter how many minutes you were active in the “Activity Measure”.
    5. Then select “Save” to submit your entry.
      Remember, the higher the intensity of movement, the higher the point values associated.


How are points calculated?

The amount of points you earn is directly related to the intensity of the activity, and how much you do. For example, a moderately paced, 20 minute walk will earn you fewer points than a vigorous 20 minute run. 

Each activity is assigned its point value based on estimated metabolic equivalents (MET) - or calories burned during physical activity. To learn more about MET's, check out this great article by the American Council on Exercise. 

Why aren't my activities loading?

Can I enter activity submissions on behalf of my team?

We ask that each team member track their own activities using their Propel login. Including other people's activities in your totals will skew the averages displayed on our competition leaderboard(s). 

How do I check my progress? What about SEL's?

A leaderboard ranking individual point totals as well as team point totals is available for the Power Your Wellbeing challenge. Note that leaderboards refresh every 15 minutes with new entries.

You can also watch how many points our employee population has cumulatively earned on our progressively charging "battery board"! As we work together to become more active, the battery's charge will increase to new levels with the goal of filling by the end of the challenge. 




How else can I engage, or get more points during the challenge?

Keep an eye on our homepage or follow us on Facebook for JIT updates, learning opportunities, employee highlights and more.

We also have several ways to help you earn more points and add some fun! Join our in-person and virtual fitness classes, check out our activity and gym reimbursement programs, or close the week by utilizing your full tank for our annual Faraday Fun Run & Walk. Click through the links below to learn more, and reserve your spot(s) today!





Can my family members participate?

Yes! We welcome and encourage all family member participation, however activities will only be counted for members that are 16+ who have active Portal accounts. We ask that you do not include younger family members activities in your submissions as it skews the averages displayed on our leaderboards.

How do I add, or remove people from my team?

All the teams you are a member of, or the captain of will be listed on the teams page. Click your team name to view team details, including all team members and any competitions that team has been enrolled in.

If you are the captain of a team you will be able to edit the team, remove members, invite new members or promote another member to be the captain of the team instead of you.

If you are trying to add a new team member, please note that they must be Wellbeing Center members with active Portal accounts to participate.

How do I join a team that's already registered?

In order to join an existing team you will need to be invited by the team captain. When the invitation arrives you will receive a notification here on your portal account, or review the invitation from the main team page. After accepting the invitation you will automatically be added to the Power Your Wellbeing team challenge! 

If you're having trouble joining a team please reach out to

Will my active minutes automatically upload from a fitness tracker?

Unfortunately, active minutes cannot be automatically uploaded from a fitness tracker. You will have to track your active minutes for each specific activity and enter the amount into the Tracker Dashboard