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Pullman, WA 

Free flu shots are available at our Flu Shot Clinic for all U.S. employees and family members seven years and older who are covered under SEL's insurance.

Click here to register for a flu shot appointment 


If you are a patient of the SEL Health Clinic and are not able to attend but would like to receive a flu shot, please call 509.338.3800 to register an appointment for yourself and your insured family members.




Our SEL health insurance covers your flu vaccine at 100% at your local pharmacy or your in-network primary care office!

If you are an SEL employee located outside of the Palouse, and you used to register for your *FREE Costco flu shot voucher, please note this is no longer an offering they are providing. 

Please contact the SEL Health Clinic at +1.509.338.3800 with any questions or concerns.


Managing Stress in the Face of Crisis | Practicing Mindfulness

  Between all of the news sources, Facebook posts, and toilet paper disappearing before it even hits the shelves, its difficult to not panic. There’s a collective rise in community-based stress around the United States, and the world. That being acknowledged, it is important to attempt to reduce the stress you may be personally feeling. That may seem like you’re being asked to run a marathon that you have never trained for with everything that is occurring in the world around us. However, research over the last thirty years has demonstrated how stress can reduce the efficacy of your immune system. Attempting to manage stress or anxiety will decrease the likelihood of having impairments to your immune system functioning while we are in the midst of this pandemic.

            One of the primary ways to manage a stress response when you are frequently faced with information involving COVID-19, and the potential spread, is to identify effective relaxation techniques for yourself. Take at least 10-15 minutes of mindful relaxation each day. The mindfulness component of relaxation is important because it requires a focus on the here and now during a relaxation technique. Even the brief utilization of relaxation techniques (10-15 minutes) can lead to significant reductions in perceived stress and the physical responses that result from stress. Some of the common relaxation techniques are meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery. Relaxation techniques can also be engaging in activities that activate and utilize one of the five senses, such as taking a bath, coloring, burning one of your favorite candles, or eating one of your comfort foods.

Here are a few recommended resources and apps to practice mindfulness:

 Mindfulness Worksheets and Tools