Community Groups | Guidelines

Wellbeing Community groups provide space for users to post, comment, discuss, learn, support, and connect with other employees who share their unique passions and interests. Use of this platform is subject to SEL's Computer Use Policy, and because you provide so much of the content, we ask that you use this platform wisely.

Each Community is to abide by the SEL values, adhering to the following specific guidelines:


Remember the person behind the post. The community groups are a place for people to find belonging and community. This is not a platform for harsh words or foul behavior. Everyone has a right to use these community groups free of bullying, harassment, and threats of becoming marginalized. Communities and users that incite violence or promote disorderly behavior will be removed from the group.


Use your break time or lunchtime to read or post messages.


As a business, we must be mindful of conflict of interest. Please do not post for any outside businesses or services, including home businesses you, your family, or your friends might operate. Additionally, plead do not post on behalf of friends or family.


Do not post, or encourage posting of illicit or lewd content.


Respect the privacy of others. Instigating harassment or inappropriate behavior, for example revealing someone’s confidential information, is not allowed.


Any material that could be construed as contrary to our values; discriminatory or otherwise illegal will not be allowed. Any posting of such material will result in the employee-owner posting the information to be subject to immediate disciplinary action. Determination of inappropriate material will be at the discretion of the executives of SEL.

Enforcement of rules...

Wellbeing owns this Microsoft Team’s group and will delete any disrespectfully political, inflammatory, controversial or inappropriate postings.

We have a variety of ways of enforcing our rules, including, but not limited to:

  • Asking you nicely to cease a certain behavior, or remove a post
  • Administrator removal of content
  • Temporary or permanent removal from Community Group
  • Reporting to Human Resources