Find Community

"The power of community to create health

is far greater than any physician, or hospital."

Not only is community essential for optimal wellbeing, it is also a strong enabler for individuals looking to make healthy lifestyle changes. The people you surround yourself with can provide the inspiration, wisdom, accountability and support you need to enable success when pursuing important goals. 

Connect with like-minded employees and contribute to building a stronger culture of wellbeing at SEL by taking advantage of the opportunities below: 

Community Groups

Looking for a community to share your interests with? Our Community Groups help connect like-minded employees on a wide variety of niche hobbies and interests. Check out our public forums on Microsoft Teams, or join a private club! 

Wellness Ambassadors

Our Wellness Ambassadors are a community of SEL influencers who are passionate about health and wellbeing. As an extension of our staff, Ambassadors help connect us to communities around the world and provide insight, ideas and feedback that help us tailor the program to better meet your needs. 

Get to know your office Ambassador, or join the team today!

Ambassador, Karla Amory

Ambassador, Karla Amory