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Our mission is to encourage your professional and personal productivity by delivering education and programming that empowers the creation of a healthier, happier life in the areas of fitness, nutrition, self-care and life balance. 

The Wellbeing staff works hard to deliver initiatives that boost employee health, productivity and engagement by focusing on the areas below:

We provide simplified wellness education to help you increase autonomy when it comes to your health!

Explore the website for monthly features, or check our our digital workshops and courses. We also make ourselves available for guest speaking arrangements around the company to address things like stress management, injury prevention, goal-setting and more.

Wellbeing strives to increase your accessibility to better self-care by removing common barriers like time and money. Services include:

Whether you're looking for individualized support, or a structured plan offered though one of our group challenges, our coaching services exist to increase your personal and professional productivity by helping you clarify your goals and build a realistic road-map to achieving them. 

Wellbeing aims to increase employee engagement by strengthening wellness culture and connection opportunities at SEL. 

Participate in Global challenges and wellness events, or find community with like-minded employees via the Wellness Ambassador Team or Community Group's offerings. 

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